Formulate Natural Cosmetics: Learn, Create, Discover!

I work with amazing men & women like you to formulate and create your own Natural cosmetic products from scratch! If you ready to step up from DIY kitchen recipes and learn how to professionally formulate your own products then you in the right place!

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Make a variety of skincare products in less than a week!

Imagine the possibilities of being able to make your own products! With the full Formultion course you can learn to professionally make over 100 products ranging from skincare, haircare, soaps, deodrants, mens care, make up, childrens products and many more! Take the first step now and enroll in our level one course today

tell me, is this you?

You want to create your own brand of products from scratch , having full control over what goes onto your hair and skin.

You want to wear products free of harmful ingredients or non effective ingredients that do absolutely nothing for your skin

You are anti animal cruelty and prefer to test safe , natural products on yourself

You want to create custom products made just for you or your customers and not rely on anyone else to do this for you

You want to start a haircare, cosmetic or skincare business and you want to learn how to do it all in less than 6 months!

You want complete flexibility to work through materials at your own pace and at your own time

The Truth is...

Creating your own products that are safe to use, professionally formulated and free from harmful ingredients are not found on a youtube video.

So many DIY recipes contain inaccurate measurements, harmful or low quality ingredients that will not pass requirements for you to legally sell products not just in South Africa but in the world. What's the point of following a internet recipe that's even more harmful than products available commercially

What if you could

Have a step by step guide to help you make your own cosmetic products, not just for yourself and your family but certified to sell to the general public too!.

So you can FINALLY

Be free of icky products, wear and sell cosmetics that speak to your heart whether that be vegan, organic, clean or natural ( If you don't know the difference, we'll tell you :)


Formulate Natural Cosmetics Community






What’s inside the community?

#1 You will learn how to read professional formulas VS Just following recipes online

Most DIY recipes online measures in cups, drops, ounces, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. If you want to take making your own products seriously then learning how to formulate professionally is the first step.

#2 You will know exactly how to formulate for your skin type

Another mistake we see often is using random ingredients that we might find in our kitchen that are not pure or safe to use, you will learn the benefits of the ingredients you use and match them to your type of skin and it's needs

#3 You will learn how to create similar products to the ones you love in stores

Have you seen a product you like in a store and want to make something similar. In this course you will learn how to make a similar product minus the icky ingredients they might contain


Sneek Peek into this course

Hi... I am Tarquin

For a really long time, I've had a burning desire to live a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle that was so much more than the typical 'Eat less and move more' motion and I had a lot of motivation to get me started. I was clinically overweight, I had terrible skin, brittle and thin hair and suffered from insane period pain. I realized quickly that it was counter productive to make changes to my diet but not my skin and hair products. Skincare products including perfume are known hormone disruptors because of the harmful ingredients they contain. This is when my passion in home formulation began and I'd like to take you along for the ride.

So click the button below and let's get started!

Is Formulating Natural Cosmetics the right community for you?

Are you are tired of the disgusting ingredients you are forced to use in some commercially available cosmetic products?

Do you want full control over what you put onto your skin and hair?

Do you want to use products that support your moral compass whether it be vegan, natural, not tested on animals, no plastic and sustainably sourced?

Do you have a passion for making your own products and are keen to turn it into a hobby or a business?

Are you tired of having no purpose and are keen to try your hand at something new.

Are you painfully annoyed at spending hundreds of rands or dollars on products that do not work


What is an online community?

An online community is an online classroom where you can learn a variety of skills and build relationships with people walking the journey with you. It is like a facebook group, but better.

What is the difference between an online community and an online course

The online community hosts every single lesson from multiple courses in an online classroom environment. You pay a monthly fee for access to all lessons. It has live or recorded lessons , online support and feedback from peers and the instructor. An online course is self paced with no feedback or support from a community or your instructor. An online community membership also allows you to pay monthly and cancel at anytime, unlike an online course where you pay a bulk fee once off

Can I buy the online version and then the practical version later?

Yes, you can buy the online version and then later upgrade to the practical version with a R500 discount. You would need to contact us so we can verify you as a current student in order to qualify

Do I choose online or practical version?

If you prefer self paced study and based outside of South Africa the online theory version would be most suitable. The practical version is for anyone based in SA who would prefer in person classes with a very intense focus on practical classes. We are working on video lessons that will be released shortly for the best of both worlds that you can follow in the comfort of your home from anywhere in the world!

Can you help me source products?

Yes of course! we will provide assistance on any ingredient that you find difficult to obtain

Can I pay in US dollars?

Your payment will reflect in your home currency in your bank statement. Please use currency converter to establish the current exchange rate before making a purchase, at the time of answering this question the full online course fee of ZAR 1500 equals to USD 82. For US Dollar orders please use Paypal, for Rand you can use the ZAR button and pay in South African Rands (ZAR)

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this product and the possibility of instants downloads after purchase ,we unfortunately cannot refund anyone who has purchased membership. You can however cancel your membership at anytime

When will I receive access to the online community?

You will receive access immediately

Is the course accredited?

The short courses and workshops are for educational and skill purposes only and excludes many of the scientific theory and research behind formulating, therefore are not accredited. The full course however includes very extensive theory and practical study and is not currently offered. Please subscribe and keep in touch for any changes relating to this

Can I pay in Installments?

Yes. You can pay off your workshop fee before the workshop starts with a minimum fee of R1000pm/USD55. Please contact us to set up a subscription

My question is not answered, How can I contact you?

We are happy to help, please contact us at and we will respond in 24hours

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